Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clothing Is Easy to Search for on Zappos

I have long browsed the Zappos website to look for just about every kind of shoe that you can imagine. It is fitting, as I think the word Zappos is sort of short for "zapatos," which is Spanish for shoes. Maybe that is not where they got there name, but that is what comes to mind for me.

zappos.gifLately, I have been noticing that clothing selections have been trickling in to the site. Now, they have a full fledged clothing section. There are a variety of trendy clothing brands available from Adidas to Zoots. The search feature is very user friendly. You don't need to know exactly what you are looking for, just select who it is for, what style of clothing you would like to find, color, and size.

Even if you are not sure of all those details, you can select the ones you are sure of in the drop down menu, and you will be told how many selections are available before even hitting the search button. To me, this is very helpful. I really appreciate this. Hitting the back button every time when you find that you did not receive any results is frustrating.

I expect that if Zappos is offering the same excellent customer service, shipping so speedy it got their yesterday, and ease of search, I have no doubt they will do very well with their clothing sales.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save Water and Jobs When You Flush

toilet.jpgConserving water is nothing new. We were always taught to turn the water off while we were brushing our teeth. Also, when the big monster toilet was using too much on a flush, grandpa solved it. He put a brick or a rock in the back of the toilet so it wouldn't fill up so much.

Now, they have more sophisticated solutions. Of course, grandpa is going to say they all just copied his idea, but put a lot of fancy names to it. There is a conversion kit to make yours a dual flush toilet available now. You can retrofit a traditional toilet, rather than taking it to the dump and getting a new one. Of course, the other alternative was making a stylish flower pot out of it.

The other nice thing is that many of the dual flush converter kits are made in Mattawan, Michigan. Michigan has been hardest hit with the auto industry woes. It is nice to see an up and coming company that is maintaining good jobs of all kinds. Every time you buy, you are not just saving water, but you are saving a job.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tutoring Help is Available for Math Whizzes Like Me

In school, my brother and I could not have been more different. I was practically a savant when it came to english, history, or composition classes. He had a difficult time with reading comprehension, but was a whiz at math. In fact, in the first grade, I sat with the 5th graders for reading class, and in 5th grade, I came in second place in a district wide spelling bee. The only reason I lost was because I really had to go to the bathroom really badly. My brother would have been out in the first round at the spelling bee, but he can tell math jokes. When he explains it, you can see why its funny, but because I don't know anything about trigonometry, I sort of am lost. A scientist would find it side splitting.

In school, I did fair in Algebra class, but really needed Algebra 2 help. I think it was a combination of things. I had an Algebra teacher who really knew his stuff, but had a hard time explaining it if you felt a little left behind. I can't blame it on him, really, because there were kids who did outstanding in his class. I just couldn't hack it. I think had I had an Algebra tutor I would have understood it better, maybe because they would understand that I learned just a little bit differently.

I have recently discovered that there is free online algebra help available. Tutorvista has tutoring available for the K-12 age group in a variety of subject but really does an excellent job with the algebra tutoring they offer. Many children do well in math, but are lost when the concepts become abstract.

I popped on to the site. I didn't ask a math question, but I asked the thing that popped into my head first.


The tutor informed me that they don't have help for History class, but they do definitely have help for biology, mathematics, physics, and English. Everyone can go to the site and get a 10 minute demo while being helped, and then there is a monthly fee or weekly fee you can pay for unlimited help in unlimited subjects.

Have you tried it out? If so, tell me what you think?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check All of Your Parts

duromcup.jpgMy grandmother recently got a replacement hip. I was very surprised to find out that all along, they have been using unisex replacement joints, even though a woman's hip joint and angle in relation to the pelvis is completely different than a man's. I can't imagine how painful that would be! No wonder it seems that more women than men walk with canes after such surgeries.

What is more painful is when your new joint cracks or crumbles. That is exactly what the durom lawsuit is all about.

Apparently, there are many issues on zimmer durom cup hip replacement joints. They were designed for people with an active lifestyle, that would be very likely to outlive a standard issue prosthesis. The cups are moving around and drifting, or "migrating", in the body. The cup design was assessed, and it was determined that the joint should cease production, even though it is has been used inside many.

duromcup2.jpgIf you have a durom cup inside your pelvis, you may want to consult a durom lawyer. In other words, one that is savvy about the cases. You should especially seek counsel if you have unaddressed issues and have been evaluated by a medical professional. If it is determined that your woes are due to faulty equipment, you may definitely have a case to pursue.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Have a Devil of a Time in Tasmania

There are many destinations that I have crossed off my list of "must sees." Part of it has to do with the sheer cost. Some of it has to do with the instability of the area. I just do not want to go anywhere where it is unsafe to travel. One place that has never been crossed off is Australia. In particular, I would like to go to Tasmania. Someone who had lived there once told me that they grind up quartz crystals and sprinkle them on the road instead of salt. I wonder if it is really true. She says the dirt roads would sparkle.

There are Devonport Tasmania accommodations that are very reasonable. In fact, you can stay in the city for $62.00 and up. Devonport is located on the northern Tasmanian coast. If you are looking for a frame of reference, find Melbourne on a map and go south across the water.

If you are looking to stay in southern Tasmania, book one of the Central Hobart hotels. Hobart is located on the southern coast. Hobart has some fantastic museums. One of the quirkier sites is the Alpenrail Swiss Model Village and Railway. A family has spent more than 20,000 hours creating a tiny replica of a Swiss village, complete with rail cars and chair lifts up the mountains. It is truly a wonder to behold if you prefer to see the unusual on your vacations.

If you prefer to be a bit more inland, you may prefer a
Launceston accommodation. Launceston is located in southeast Tasmania, but it is not on the coast. Cataract Gorge is a major attraction. It boasts the longest single span chairlift in the world, stretching over 1,000 feet. Launceston is also home to the Tasmania Zoo, which is famous for preserving the Tasmanian Devil, among many other species only native to the island.

I will let you know when I can scratch Tasmania off the list. It wouldn't be because I decided against it, but because I was finally able to go!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drivers Software May Keep Computers Out of Landfills

Websites that supply computer drivers on the internet are proliferating. One of the reasons that I think they are is that people tend to lose their driver disks. When they buy their computer, they neatly tuck them away. In the time that passes, they get misplaced or damaged. When they need to reinstall the modem drivers, they are stuck. In fact, I was told to reinstall drivers as a remedy to a problem, but did not have them.

If you go to the manufacturer and ask for a replacement, they often do not have them. I found that Acer Drivers were not available by disk if they were a few years old. The maker went to the downloadable format, only they didn't make older models available.

Another reason people need drivers is when they inherit a printer form another family member or they purchase one second hand. I had a printer but did not have the Lexmark drivers to make it work with the computer. Of course, since they were not as computer savvy, they tossed the software out. Unfortunately the printer was not "plug and play."

Luckily, I was about to go to and get what I needed. I think sites like this help keep computers out of landfills. Sometimes just new driver software is what is going to make things usable again. If everyone only knew. Of course, it doesn't make them run faster, but it turns them from "I don't know what is wrong with it" and basically junk to a functional item again.

Be Treated Like a Princess or Prince in Myrtle Beach

I was just thinking about golfing trips to Myrtle Beach. What if you are not interested in golfing, but prefer laying on the beach or shopping at antique stores? Some people like to go somewhere and just do "nothing." There are plenty of Myrtle Beach Resorts that have nothing to do with golf.

The next time you consider wandering down to the Carolinas, consider a Myrtle Beach ResortsMyrtle Beach Resort rather than taking your chances at whatever motel you happen to find. It is much less stressful to have an idea where you are going, that you have a reservation, and that you will be close to everything you want to see.

The Princess Resort features well appointed Myrtle Beach Accommodations. Condos feature full kitchens so that you may eat in rather than racking up the restaurant bills. Higher end furnishings give you a luxurious setting rather than feeling like you are staying at a flea bag motel. In fact, it gives it more of a sense of home. Of course, not enough home to wonder why you went on vacation, but enough to be rested and comfortable. When you go, you may very well want to check out the property's website and book a room.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Many Cars, So Little Time

1940_gmc_truck.JPGThere is nothing like old pickup trucks in my books when it comes to vehicles. They have so much character, can be driven in all weather conditions, and the visibility is far superior. Some of the trucks I have owned definitely won't bring a Rolls Royce or a lamborghini cars to mind, that's for sure! Because some of my favorites have been gmc trucks, I am very inclined to look at the new models they have.

I am currently in the market for a vehicle, and I am really waffling and wavering with all the choices that are out there. Even though my heart is always with old trucks, I have waffled and wavered. I was thinking about a more economical car, like a kia, but must admit that my head was definitely turned by the 2010 chevrolet camaro. In fact, at the International Auto Show I saw the "Camaro Black" concept car. The 2010 model looks very much like it.

I have also really been intrigued by the new smart car. They are such a unique design and illicit a lot of nostalgia in me as they remind me a little bit like the BMW Isetta. It was in the "microcar" class, meaning that it seated one to three people. I have passed a dealer every day that has them, and the more i look at them, the more they remind me of a little roller skate. I am not quite sure if that would be safe enough for me in the winter time. If I had disposable income to have a little car on the side just for fun, I would consider it.

I am not sure what I will decide. I have another few weeks to consider it, and will let you know.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Compare Online Before You Renovate Your Kitchen

When I am looking for something on the internet that is not so "one of a kind," and is mass produced, I have found that ShopWiki helps me out a lot. It shows items at different shops on the internet. Many other sites do that, but in this case, no site pays for placement. You legitimately get the best deals that are crawled by the search system.

wiki.gifKitchen appliances are a big ticket item, and when there is a price difference, it is not like paying ten cents more for the convenience of going to the store closest to you. On the contrary, there can be a difference of fifty to hundreds and thousands form retailer to retailer. Also, you may find that some retailers have the same maker but carry ovens and dishwashers not available at others. You can use the site to sort everything out before you hit the "buy" button.

Personally, I was looking at Food Processors as many big box retailers no longer carry them. If they do, it is only one model, and how much of a selection is that? I like to make sauces from the garden vegetables and freeze them. Chopping them by hand turns tomatoes into salsa, not pasta sauce. Hand mixers are dandy, but they only beat. I really need a processor.

The easiest item to order online is dinner ware, as it ships very easily. One tip given on the site that I didn't think of is considering the size of your cupboards. I lived in one apartment where I had to stack the dishes sideways on a rack because they didn't fit. Most cabinets can accommodate any style of plate, but mine were unusually small. The other tip is to never go by the color shown on your screen. Most of the time it is close, but your monitor may alter the exact color based on resolution and colors available. Some colors, especially reds, just don't photograph easily.

With a little research, you can find the perfect plates, the blender to whip the food in, and the dishwasher to clean them in.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Drivers Wanted...For My Computer, That Is

Getting a new computer can be a joyous occasion, but it can also be very frustrating. If you want to migrate your printer to your new computer, it is not always a plug and play situation. On several occasions, I have tried this very thing and realized that I could not find the disk which contained the driver. Of course, I am always the driver as I take no guff from the computer. I meant drivers.

This happened to me about a year ago, and I finally broke down and decided to call and request a copy of the hp drivers. Okay, that was doable. A replacement disk was expedited to me.

Then, the tricky part came when I wrestled with the linksys. First of all, I called my service provider. The representative walked me through and in the process lost my IP address and created another situation where I definitely needed the drivers. Well, they told me that the disk containing the linksys drivers software was discontinued awhile ago. Discontinued for my model? I am sure that is a ploy to get you to buy a new one every few years.

I wish I knew back then what I know now. There is an entire website at that has nothing but drivers available for every conceivable peripheral (otherwise known as "external doodads.). That is a good thing, because after all of this I was seriously considering going back to hunting and pecking on my Royal. Then I would run into a bigger problem because ribbon is no longer made for them and I would have to unravel a modern ribbon and respool it and have my hands stained for weeks. Fun!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

They Still Had Acne in The Good Old Days

Back in the "good old days" if you had acne, you basically had to suffer through it. Well, that was not entirely true. You could scour your face, or use witch hazel. The most popular remedy was just everyone assuming that you would "grow out of it" eventually.

"Growing out of it" without any sort of more sophisticated acne product, it usually meant that you would have scarring later. Laying off certain foods didn't always help, as the reasons that one had acne breakouts was uncertain as two kids could exercise the same care with cleanliness and grooming and one could still be afflicted. Don't be fooled that no one had acne in the 50s. A tv show might center around the fact that a character just had a single blemish but it was all gone in time for the next episode, sometimes using a very comic acne solution, such as something from the sandbox.

In more recent television history, Kelly, on the original Saved by the Bell, get acne. Screech creates a substance that instantly erases zits. Unfortunately, the side effect is that your face turns maroon. The plot line has been repeated since, and has occurred in other shows prior with the details and results slightly changed.

If you suffer from acne, it is nothing to be ashamed about whether you are a teenager or you suffer from it as an adult. With the right acne treatment, you will get your confidence and dermatological health back in no time.