Friday, December 28, 2012

Flower Girl Baskets - and Boys Too

Typically, the flower girl carries a basket and in the spirit of leaving no child behind, a little boy serves as ring bearer. In one recent wedding, I saw a little boy carrying a basket as well. The girls had white wicker flower girl baskets and the boy had a natural brown one. Instead of flowers, he carried bubble wands and happily handed them out to guests.

The young man was a little older than the typical two to four or five year old range for a ring bearer. He was closer to seven or eight. The couple did not want to have a place in their wedding for the the daughters of a cousin and leave out their nephew, so modified a traditional role.

Never let a wedding grow to a cast of thousands just to make everyone feel included, but some traditional roles are worth modifying to fit the make up of a family.


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