Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suspicious Beach Wedding Favors

Last winter, colleagues of mine renewed their wedding vows. Since the original wedding only included the couple, the parents and witnesses, they decided to have a big party for their anniversary.

The invites said:

No Gifts, Please.
Instead, Please bring an item for the local food pantry. 

Other than the lack of presents, the party was similar to a regular wedding reception with wedding favors and all.

Just before the reception, with no time for the renewed bride and groom to inspect the tables, a niece switched the table settings. She placed beach wedding favors, such as a porcelain star fish, treasure chests and real sand dollars near the couples' seats. The couple looked at this quizzically and thought there was some mistake. The renewed groom is quite the control freak...I mean is very detail this was extremely vexing.

Just as his concern appeared to peak, an announcement was made that everyone chipped in to send them to the beach as a second honeymoon. It was a nice winter surprise.


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