Thursday, December 06, 2012

Event Management Software: No More Herding Cats

Trade show registration truly aged me the time before last. Mail in the registration, or email it. Pay. Confirm. What if you had questions that didn't factor into the FAQ? In the 90s, it was followed by several phone calls to track down the right person, and today someone redirects you to the FAQ, as surely the answer is there. Then someone lost the sheet and didn't realize I was registered. 

What happened the last time if that was the time before last? Event management software saved the day. I registered, paid, received my confirmation, selected individual break out sessions and booked my room all in one online experience. The best part? The planners didn't have to call to confirm, as they weren't sure what my message meant. I just showed up...and they were expecting me.  

Has software relieved stress for you if you were a planner or an attendee?


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