Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wedding Decorations: What Will Define the Decade?

Speaking of wedding decorations, I was just searching around looking at what the latest trends were, and no one seems to agree on any overwhelming direction. The natural theme with motifs of birds and bark seems to be promoted as the hottest trend on blogs and by Etsy sellers, while the virtues of metallics, pastels or Tangerine Tango are splashed across magazine pages.

There is no clear decorating motif that might seem to scream 2012/2013 as we look at wedding photos twenty years from now, but that joy is often reserved for the dresses and tuxedo color which far overshadow any decorating theme not supplied by the VFW hall or the standard theme of just merely setting flowers everywhere. Time will tell what this time period in weddingdom is personified by. At least backless wedding gowns are not imposed on everyone anymore.

What do you think what will scream the 20 teens in twenty years?


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