Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Luxe it Up

Summer time is the natural time to think of luxe patterned Indian floor pillows, tapestries, and wool upholstery fabric. No? Does the thought have you feeling stuffy and warm on a humid day? The look may be appealing in magazines but we really want white wood, basins of water and ceiling fans mistaken for scrap from an air hanger.

If you are thinking of a decor makeover for the fall, custom items may take weeks to arrive, so it is not a bad time to start thinking of what you might want set up and ready in your home by Labor Day. Velvet curtains are dramatic and theatrical, but if overdone they can make the scenery look tacky. The key to using velvet is in small quantities. With curtains, they can be layered with other fabrics and tied back to reveal sheerer material or can be paired with patterned drapes that one might tire of and can change out. If you use them with other fabrics, you could alternate and remove the velvet panels for a lighter fabric at other times during the year.

An instant way to update a room temporarily for a party is with floor pillows. They can be brought out to change the look during the season or for a party without a commitment to changing the entire decor.

How will you luxe it up from summer to fall?


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