Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Vintage? Reason #1

Why Vintage?

Reason #1: Originality.

We live in an area that is experiencing a housing boom. Many new folks are moving to the area. Previously, the locale had been pretty isolated considering that no major highway came through, and there aren't too many department stores around, especially if you are a busy person who doesn't have time to take a day trip to the city. We attended a party where the attire was semi-formal and three ladies showed up wearing the exact same dress! Luckily they had a good sense of humor about it. There was only really one or two stores to go to for formal dresses and they both evidently lived near the same one.

For guys, there usually isn't such a dilemma. It doesn't really seem to matter if 12 guys are wearing the same black suit or tux. In fact sometimes it is a badge of honor. It is sometimes difficult to tell and seldom noticed as it is a bit more of a "uniform" way of dressing formally. However, the same phenomena does exist. Often, men will show up wearing the exact same necktie. Now that can be embarrassing. A tie nowadays is the way to express your individuality, style, and it is what folks notice most about your dressing. A great tie can either disappear into the whole ensemble and cause folks to notice you, not you walking behind a tie, or it can be loud and crazy. But having the exact same tie as someone else can either reveal your shared good taste or reveal private things that you may not necessarily want someone else to know - like the price you paid.

Today's reason for wearing vintage is uniqueness, and there is a very small chance that someone will show up to the office or to a party wearing the same exact items as you are. Be in style, but refuse to be an exact copy of what everyone else is wearing: Wear vintage!


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