Monday, September 26, 2011

Making use of our side yard space

Guest post written by Beth Lowell

We really love to entertain out in our backyard during the summer and into the fall too. There's nothing like a great, crisp fall afternoon spent reading a book or grilling out in our backyard. It's one of my favorite entertaining spaces. But someone recently pointed out to me that I'm missing a great opportunity by doing nothing with our side yard. I realized she was right and became set on making it another entertainment space.

While I was looking online for some easy DIY ideas for it, I ran across some info on Sears Siding Replacement . After I looked through it some I decided to go through them to get the siding on our house fixed. For all hte work we put into our yard, it isn't worth it unless our house looks really nice too!

I'm pretty excited about our side yard makeover though, I planted some really nice looking plants and even put a bench right there. I think that will be my new favorite reading area to replace my back yard.



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