Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A more eco-friendly wardrobe in 2011

Guest post written by Sarah Baugass

I'm one of the worst people that I know for buying things on a whim just because they're on sale. That goes double for clothing and accessories. But that means that I also get rid of a bunch of my clothes at a faster pace. i don't want to do that anymore because I'm trying to be more eco-friendly. It's important not to be wasteful and that goes with clothing too, so I'm applying my eco-friendly thinking to my wardrobe in 2011.

So I went online to try and find some tips to do that while I was looking up that stuff I found some information about and decided to Getclearwirelessinternet. I had been looking for a new internet provider for a while anyway so that worked out pretty well.

I guess this is one of the eco New Year's resolutions that people may not think about immediately, but I'm going to try and work really hard to achieve it. I may also start vintage shopping too instead of buying new stuff, which would give me some style that hardly anyone else has.


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