Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Retro Christmas cookies

Guest post written by Elizabeth Reynolds

Over the past few years I've baked all kinds of crazy cookies just for a change and for fun. But last year I think I got a little too weird for my family when I baked some candied fruit cookies and even though I liked them, they didn't and I just ended up eating them by myself. So this year I'm going retro and am just going to whip up some classic Christmas cookies.
I was online trying to find the perfect recipe for what I had in mind and when I was doing that I actually found Miami Clear internet online offer that sounded pretty good, so I signed our household up for it.
I did end up finding a retro Christmas cookies recipe and fixed it. My family actually ate the cookies this year and I'm going to make another batch tomorrow because they are such a hit with them! This time though my daughter's going to help me by putting some sprinkles on them.


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