Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vintage cookie cutters

Guest post written by Breanne Morrison

My mom loves spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking and baking things. So every time that I get her a present I try to come up with something relevant to that. There are really all kinds of things that are fun that you can get for the kitchen. Last year I got her this really neat cupcake tower and she's used it on a couple of special occasions since then. It's stuff like that, not just boring casserole dishes, that I love to find and pick out.

So I went online to try and come up with a neat kitchen or baking gadget that I could get her. When I was looking up that stuff, I came across some info about MOBILE BROADBAND pricing and after I looked through it a little bit more, I chose one of the packages I found on there for myself.

Then I found some vintage cookie cutters that I thought would be really nice to give her. Out of all the gadgets, she doesn't really have many of those. So I found a really cool holiday canister to put them in instead of wrapping it. I thought it would be nice to keep on the counter for decoration during the holidays too.


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