Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Barbecue

Guest post from: Marion Slater

Now that we've entered November, my thoughts have begun to turn towards Thanksgiving. Traditionally, our entire family abstains from the mainstream version of Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, my uncle usually holds a barbecue over at his place in Livermore. Every Thanksgiving, we drive over to my uncle's house with some sort of dish that my mom cooked up.

Once we get there and exchange the usual pleasantries, my cousins and I engage in a little football. We usually finish up about an hour before lunch. While my dad and his brothers man the grills, the rest of us relax and watch some satellite TV that he got after seeing this directtv comparison. Usually they grill chicken, burgers or hot dogs for lunch. They also serve whatever my mom and my aunts bring during lunch as well. After lunch my mom and my aunts sometimes go to the dining room to chat for a few hours while my dad and uncles watch the football games. The rest of us usually go up to my cousins room to play video games and whatnot.

Just before dinner, my uncle begins putting the steaks on the grill. Meanwhile, my aunts and my mom start cooking up some appetizers and side dishes. After stuffing ourselves, everyone gathers for whatever game or event my uncle's family has set up for the evening. Last year we even ended up singing karaoke.


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