Monday, November 22, 2010

High school friendship; 15 years later

Author: Joseph Sandoval

In your life, you may have more than one best friend and that rings true in my life. A best friend should always reflect who you are or once was and may grow with you; some friends come and go, while others stand the test of time.

My best friend was someone I met in middle school; we ran in the same crowd of people and rarely talked, until one day a friend of ours could not spend the night at her house and I just so happened to not be doing anything that evening, this is where our friendship really took off.

From there, we spent nearly every day together. From boys to school, school to getting in trouble and from getting in trouble to having children, we were together. Until circumstances changed and she moved away when we were 18.

I always wondered about her, I always cared what happened to her, and up until a year ago, we had no contact for 8 years. She was very accepting of welcoming me back into her life as I was welcoming her back, and we decided to get together.

Before leaving that day, I made sure to set my home security alarm from before I visited my best friend. Our meeting turned out to be like we never stopped talking and our friendship has continued


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