Thursday, November 04, 2010

Survive and Conquer

(Above: A 1940s ad for asbestos mitts. If only we knew...)

An old neighbor of mine developed Mesthelioma Cancer several years back. Unfortunately, Mesothelioma took his life. What was unusual was that he never worked in any sort of chemical factory or other scenario where you might picture someone getting absorbed to a variety of inhalants and particles. Rather, he had a desk job at a very small bank in a very small town.

We couldn't help but think, however, that he developed the cancer when he decided to remove some asbestos tile from his home and also cleaned the furnace by himself, both with no protective respirator or mask. There is a reason why they say to not disturb asbestos. It cannot really hurt you if it is sealed inside of a wall. It can hurt you if it is released into the air. The particles are little shards of glass that attach inside your lungs.

Not all cases are so dire. There are folks that manage to survive for a short time, and even those who manage or overcome the disease. There is a book called Surviving Mesothelioma, written by Paul Kraus, that offers support to patients as well as share his treatment journey. For a limited time, Mr. Kraus is offering free copies of the book to newly diagnosed individuals. Visit Surviving for details.

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