Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Saving Halloween as Spiderman

Guest post written by Kristy Thompson

I think that being a super hero is probably a kid's greatest dream. So once my son started buying a bunch of comic books with his allowance it didn't really surprise me. It also didn't surprise me when he told me that he wanted to be Spiderman for Halloween. He's especially excited about it even more because there's a Broadway play about Spiderman coming out, which we've promised to take him to sometime.

But now I'm just worried about making his costume. I browsed a whole lot of websites and blogs for some patterns and instructions on how to sew him a costume with my clear internet and I think I finally have enough directions to be able to pull it off.

Now, I realize that sewing a costume is frightening to most people, especially when it comes to doing a full body one like Spiderman. But I'm just going to make a simple spandex jumpsuit and then a separate cap. Plus, I'm going to use fabric paint to paint most of the details on it, like the web.


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