Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Satellite: Hope for Ancient Televisions

For the past several years, there has been a lot of news about the dtv transition. What's that? It is when the analog television broadcast signal was shut off in favor of digital. In many countries, this has already occurred. In the US, after several push-backs, it happened in July of last year.

However, there are some areas that still transmit a low analog signal. As of this writing, there is no known date as to when every analog signal will be off the air. This, of course, is bad news to folks with old vintage television sets. I say "vintage" as they are not "old junk" but maybe something large and collectible. Folks that have restored their home to circa 1968 glory may very well be in trouble.

However, there is a "work around." Ever time direct satellite tv offers end up in my mailbox, I check them out. If you have satellite tv, you have a chance of prolonging the life of you tv. The best thing, of course, is if a tv is HDTV ready, but there are converter boxes for that.

The nice thing about being hooked up with a satellite company such as DIRECTV by DirectSatTV, you will always be up to date as you swap your converter box every few years for the latest technology. You will never be in the dark with something obsolete.

Can I guarantee that your 1950s RCA will work forever and ever? No, I can't. I can definitely say that the tvs with more input and output ports have a better chance of being technology-friendly. If you are insistent in your televisions being from the same year as your house, what about getting a small flat screen for the den or in view of the bubble bath? You can mount it in the closet and open the door when you want to watch. I won't tell anyone that you crumbled to modern conveniences. I promise.


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