Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving to Houston

Thanks to Taylor Raley for the post.

Recently I was given the opportunity for a higher paying job outside of my home town in the area that is commutatively known as Houston Texas. I work in the field of marketing management and in my attempts to achieve a better monthly paycheck I reached outside of my home town. The move took place on the weekend of the twenty-fifth of June and lasted all three days.

When looking to move to a new city I had to make arrangements as far as housing and assuring I was located near my marketing firm. Going to Houston a week in advance helped me do a basic run down of the living possibilities and see what the city life was like. After going through several housing and apartment choices I decided on a moderate sized two bedroom house in the suburbs of the city. Preparing the house for my move I mapped out all the places where my furniture and other items would go, and made arrangements to set up a home security system (click here for details) to help protect my belongings before I moved in, and during my residency.

The moving process was a bit tiresome with heavy lifting, but with the rent of a truck and the help of a few friends I made the move an enjoyable process. Overall moving to a new city can be tough at times, but by doing a little planning and getting used to the process and area you will find the move a quick process.


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