Friday, June 25, 2010

Your PD IQ

glasses.jpgDo you know your PD? That's Pupillary Distance. Why is it important? That measurement helps opticians fit you with the proper set of eyeglasses; not so much the frame style, but the lens cut and configuration. There is a controversy brewing because folks think that eye care professionals are keeping it from them so they don't buy glasses on line.

I don't think that is so, because ophthamologists can fax in a prescription to some of the discount and online sites that sell frames. I knew a doctor who did this for contact wearers all the time. They have nothing against people buying glasses online. However, they may not be able to guarantee lenses cut in another country. Often, it takes several fittings when the prescription is new, rather than an adjustment. Read the fine print form the source you are buying glasses from to insure that you can return a prescription cut incorrectly. Also find out what their policy is for minor adjustments.

If you really want your PD, do not expect to get a free consultation from an eye care professional. Make it a part of a regular appointment and ask for a copy of a prescription.


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