Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paintball Pants Online

The following is a guest post by our friend, Mandy Simpson.

paintnball.gifMy husband was on a mission to find the perfect paintball pants at a good price. I got online and used my hughesnet satellite internet to search for the pair he was looking to find. He had a few specific things he wanted such as padded knees and a good brand. They were all about $90 a pair.

I started looking around and found what he wanted for sure. I then started searching for that exact brand. I was able to find the 2009 version on amazon.com. He didn't mind at all if they were last year's pants, just wanted the comfort and padding. They look just as good as the 2010 pair, so I started looking for his size. I was able to find a 2009 pair for only $50! This saved me a ton of money and he was able to get exactly what he was looking for in pants.

When they came in, he took them out to the paintball field to try them out. He slid all over the floor and played his heart out that night. They didn't rip and kept his knees from getting all skinned up. They were exactly what he was looking to find and at a great price! I was so glad that we found them and would order from this company again in the future. They were perfect for what he wanted to wear. I think next I will try to find him a Paintball Shirt from the same company online.


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