Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Online Sheet Music for the Aspiring Musician

My cousin went on a tri-county hunt to find sheet music for her aspiring pianist son. Shops that carry sheet music books are a dying breed. Books are sometimes easy to find but individual popular songs are scant. I tried to find some online sheet music for her, but I came up pretty empty to. There is some to be had, but the disadvantage is that there are few songs that can be downloaded for free and you can't really look at the hard copies of online sheet music to quickly determine if the difficulty level is correct, the arrangement is pleasing to you and above all, that the song is the one you think it is. With contemporary songs, sometimes more than one song bears the same name or names are so similar and its easy to choose the wrong one.

I was very pleased to have found Virtualsheetmusic.com, which is an online sheet music store. You can browse by composer or instrument, or choose something for an ensemble. Some Christmas music and other lesson standards are available for free download as well as sheet music for purchase and download. There are also audio files so you can hear a sample of the arrangement as well.


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