Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Window Boxes All Year Long

Just before Christmas, I went on a historical homes tour. Most of the homes were originally constructed in the period of 1901-1924. There were some homes that were not quite completely restored, and some rooms were closed off. Some were a bit musty. However, there were plenty of homes in mint condition, either restored to their former glory or completely gutted and modernized.

I noticed that the smaller homes that weren't as grand were just as interesting. The owner of one particular house outfitted every outside window with window boxes. Instead of seeing the dirt left behind by deceased annuals, they placed winter hardy plants. More accurately, they lined the boxes with bows of pine that crept over a bit. Since the pine was cut, they would eventually fade but seeing them in the window flower boxes for the event made the atmosphere so Christmas-y.

Indoors, they continued the theme. Next to the front door, there was a window. It was amply shielded from the incoming wind, but you couldn't miss it. There were two planters flanking the entry. Each window boxes contained Christmas Cacti and poinsettias. Of course, they potted them and gave the illusion that they were planted by using Spanish moss and Christmas bows, but the effect was still dramatic.

It really gave me some ideas for next year, but also gave me insight on how to convert a summer look into a winter look, to a summer look again. I, of course, am thinking more about summer now but its nice to know that my choices for spring and summer landscaping don't have to be stored and can be used all year long.



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