Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Finishing Touch: Planters

Many of my readers are restoring homes to the Victorian, Tudor, or Bungalow splendor. One of the easiest ways to push your renovation from just simply "cleaned up" to "a walk back in time" are the living elements of the home. Your decorative planters, both indoor planters and outdoor planters are going to really give your home authenticity.

The terrarium is a popular indoor planter choice for a variety of eras. The Victorian and deco area models looked like little greenhouses or castles. The 1970s versions sometimes were mirrored. Either way, they create a lot of visual interest, and allow the right plants to be easy care.

Window box planters with daisies or wildflowers evoke an cottage look, while trailing planet vines bring "Ivy League" to mind in more ways than one. Ivy clinging to the side of a stucco home is stately and beautiful, but it also does a lot of damage to the structure over time. Just a little ivy in a planter that can climb in a controlled way can give the same feeling in a more manageable form.

Good luck on your project and remember a few natural touches can really transform the look of a home.



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