Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supersized Satellite

edsullivanbeatles.jpgThere are various deals advertised for satellite television services. Did you know that there is also a large call for Commercial DirecTV? You may not realize it, but many businesses use satellite. The one that may come to mind right off the bat are sports bars. Also, did you know that the Beatles were featured on the first satellite broadcast ever, along with other celebrities around the world?

All of those extra channels come from somewhere. With a DirectTV for Business account, they are able to not only have all the monitors tuned to the same show, but every television can be on a different game or channel.

Another place that you may find Commercial Direct TV may be at a hospital. I have largely seen facilities that have their own station and very basic cable, but some specialty places have more. Hospitals that perform procedures that have extended stays of several weeks required typically have a little more to offer. Of course, you never want to go into the hospital for the selection of stations on tv, but some places find people recover faster if they are relaxed.

Would the local fire station have an account, as employees are What other places in the community can you think of that might have a Direct TV Business account?


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