Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Classic American Beach Town


Before sixteen and seventeen year olds wandered down to Cancun by themselves for Spring Break, Myrtle Beach Resorts were long the hot spot to go to. The weather is just as pleasant in the summer as it is in the Bahamas or Mexico, but you are still in the good old U.S.A.

Things have changed, of course, from the Myrtle Beach shown above. Now, Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels dot the skyline . They are bursting at the seams on spring break, but remain fairly busy year round. An alternative that you may not have thought of is what is offered at the Horizon, a Myrtle Beach Accommodation. They don't merely offer hotel rooms; they have condos to rent.

Condos are a great alternative to choose for your Myrtle Beach Accommodations for several reasons. While relaxing, some folks don't like rushing out for the room to be done up. The greater benefit is being able to cook inside the condo, and to bring a larger number of people along. Sometimes it is just more economical for two couples or a family to share, rather than rent separate rooms. At the Horizon, you can stay right at a posh downtown location.

Are you planning to wander down, or up to Myrtle Beach this summer or fall? I would love to hear about it. Which Myrtle Beach Hotels were on your list?


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