Thursday, January 28, 2010

The West Coast: More Beautiful?

montag.jpgHeidi Montag's latest stunt involved having ten plastic surgery procedures in one shot. For those who are big critics of excessive Los Angeles plastic surgery, you have found a poster child. Montag was a beautiful woman to begin with and didn't appear to require any enhancement, unlike folks living with deviated septums who are finding it increasingly hard to sleep through the night or breathe properly, or folks who have skull fractures from an injury and feel self conscious about it, or more so, find that it is affecting their health.

Sometimes every procedures associated with Hollywood and the west coast is associated with excess. One looks in the phone book and sees los angeles breast augmentation, Hollywood veneers, West Coast surgical, and that is in New Jersey! For some reason, practices take on similar names to appear more glamorous.

The latest euphemism in the field is the "mommy makeover." It involves a tummy tuck and breast lift combos for women who have gone through childbirth. It gives them a more attractive midriff and often eliminates excess skin. This practice seems much more common. Perhaps it would be better if the media publicized these more minor surgeries that improved self esteem rather than the extreme examples.


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