Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas with a Cowboy

I had no idea National Finals Rodeo Tickets were such a hot item. I wandered around online and the most thrifty ticket you can find is in the $67 range, with many tickets to be had in the over $500 range. It is happening in Las Vegas next December so perhaps when people are on vacation, they'll spend more. The event is always sold out, and has a home viewership in the millions.

I really want to know what more is included versus just a seat to warm. For the $50o and some dollars, do you get an upholstered seat and a waiter? Do you get to mingle with participants? I really can't answer that.

I have watched Professional Bull Riding and Barrel Racing on television. While Barrel Racing is a sport of teamwork between a human and a horse and relies on fast thinking and speed, bull riding is a bit more unpredictable. I was very glad to see bull riders wearing crash helmets. Just a few years ago, they didn't, and I am sure there were many more life threatening injuries when they didn't. As for me, if I was thrown from a bull, I don't know if I would get back up. Just like a wasp is brightly colored to warn you not to touch it, I think I would stay away.

Are you headed to the National Radio Finals this year. If not, would you go?

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