Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fuzzy Math is Clear Now

It is widely believed that we, as a nation, are lagging behind in math skills as far as the K-12 grade level goes. There are two very divided schools of thought. One side wants to continue to have universities be very stringent, only allowing students who have not only passed, but have mastered Algebra 2 and Geometry.

The other school of thought is to teach kids practical math. If they find an application where they can actually use what they have learned, or need to acquire the new skill to be able to do the activity, they will be more motivated to learn it. In other words, sitting to solve math word problems that a child will never ever encounter in life outside of math class is dumped in favor of learning other subjects, and then the math that applies.

No matter what opinion matches yours, it is going to be a long time before things change. In the meantime, or even if it changes, kids are still going to need Algebra help.

There is a an online tutoring site called Tutor Vista which is available 24 hours a day to help with math skills. One can get help there from elementary school math all the way up to math answers for college.

There is a package, where for $99.99 a month, you can receive help for all subjects, as many times as you want at the K-12 level. $34.99 covers one week. You can also get help and just pay for the number of questions you have that you want a tutor to help you solve. You can go to the site and ask a question for free just to try it out if you like. First time users always get a free demo.

I am wondering sometimes if the site is less for the kids and more for the parents helping them. I know there are times when I am a bit rusty, and don't want to confuse a child by starting out a problem the wrong way.

Have you tried online tutoring? If so, what did you think?


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