Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Minute Gift: What About Event Tickets?

celticwoman.jpgThe Christmas shopping is almost complete. The only ones I have left to buy for are Mom and Dad. They are so hard to buy for because they have so many knickknacks that it is getting a little ridiculous. They are moving to a new home, yet I counted 127 snowman figurines. I have no clue where they are going to put them all.

The idea for their gift hit me when they were sitting on the sofa watching television. They really like a couple of performers that are shown on PBS. I thought that the idea of Celtic Woman Tickets would be perfect. It is something they can't possibly already have, and they won't have to dust it.

While I was perusing selections online, I found that had a variety of tickets to not just concert hall type of events, but I also found that they have all the other concerts American Airlines Center Tickets as well. Some close friends of mine live in the Dallas area, and it is easy to buy tickets to local shows for them online.

In fact, I also considered buying some Calgary Flames Tickets for my hockey loving friends. I at first considered gift certificates to the site, but considered that with a certificate, they may never really go. They may forget about the gift until its too late. This way, they can't weasel out of having a good time.



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