Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Moving: Your TV is Ready

In my moves, I have come full circle. Actually, for those who are sticklers for geometry, I have come full triangle. I have lived in several states and if you connect the dots, it forms a giant isoceles triangle. The biggest pain about moving were my utilities. It was easy to transfer when I moved to the other side of the same town, but sometimes when I moved to a completely different area and had no experience with the particular company, I had to place a hefty deposit on the table.

The utility that was the easiest was my Directv service. All I had to do was call them and let them know where I was moving to. I kept my box, left my satellite, and another one was at my new house shortly. I would imagine the old satellite was not left behind for convenience, but perhaps to encourage the new tennants to sign up for Direct TV. After all, they already had the equipment and that was half the battle.

When I moved last time, my parents seemed to think that I was moving to another country, but I assured them that there was water, stop signs and Direct TV in Florida. I know. It was very difficult for them to believe until they visited and saw for themselves.

What made things even easier was that satellite TV keeps the same number on the dial for a channel no matter where you are in the country. You don't have to sit with a list of channels next to you, or taped onto the clicker.

Hopefully, knowing that you can set up your TV at your new place easy will make your move a bit more smooth this time.

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