Monday, December 07, 2009

The Channel Shuffle

Periodically, the channels on Direct TV shuffle around. Occasionally, they change locations. A channel might move up the street to a new channel number. Recently, one of my favorite channels slightly changed is name. The Scifi channel changed its name to Syfy. Why? It had to do with image and market share. As far me, I will continue to tune in to shows on DirectTV that I enjoy. I just hope they are not all phased out. It used to be a curse I had. If I liked a new show, it is very likely to be canceled.

I guess I really don't care what is done, as long as my favorite channels don't get bumped up into another channel package. It sometimes figures that the one channel I watch the most adds an extra twenty dollars to the package because it belongs to an additional tier. There is a package that fits my preferences that includes Syfy and Discovery Directv. Luckily at, it is only $29.99 per month for the first year. The price increases after that, but by the time that occurs, you will have saved quite a bit of money.

Some things to consider when looking for a packages is to think about the channels you actually watch. If you think about what you "might" watch, you end up spending a lot of extra money. Some may say its cheaper to get premium channels than to go to the movies, but at least you have a choice to go to the movies or not, where with satellite TV, you receive a monthly bill whether using it or not. Still, when you consider that movie tickets are creeping up to ten dollars, it doesn't seem so bad ordering a few more channels. A night at the movies for two can give you premium channels to watch every night.


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