Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sams has Shelving


I always think of Sam's Club for discounts on gasoline and buying condiments in industrial sized portions. What I never realized is that I can actually by the storage shelf to put my canned goods and three gallon jar of pickles on for safe keeping.

Of course, I have seen a shelf or two here and there at Sam's, but had no idea that their selection of shelving was as extensive as it is. It is not something they have whenever they can make a good by, and then it disappears. It is in fact a staple of the chain. There are 4, 5, and 6 shelf units, as well as Rubbermaid components to create your own system.

When I think of shelves at big box stores, I always imagine they come from overseas. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Safco and Tennesco, two of the brands that are carried at Sam's, are made in the USA. They are assembled here and made of US components. By the way, Rubbermaid is made here, too. That makes me feel good about considering a purchase if I stick with those brands.

Have you purchased shelving from Sam's Club online or in the store? Let me know what you thought!

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