Monday, November 09, 2009

Trade Shows: The Answer is Under Your Feet

I first explored companies that made and rented trade show displays thinking along the lines of furnishing booths at antique fairs and trade shows. I had no idea about the breadth of items you could obtain that go way beyond the realm of exhibit booths, or just having a logo canopy.

One item that I didn't think of were logo mats. I often see them walking into grocery stores and very high end companies. What I didn't consider is how pulled together and professional a small business can look with them. When pennies are tight, I don't necessarily recommend getting one for your front walkway. However, when you are on the road at various shows, or have a local week long show, you want to grab people as many times as you can with your name. Memories relate to a variety of senses, and I seem to remember the graphics and logos on trade show carpet and mats in someone's booth for some reason, over one of the many brochures that are stuffed in my bag.

The idea of making a top notch impression at shows has even crossed over into the realm of the concert experience. You can order a truss for a stage show at the very same place you order your curtain holders and displays for a booth. Both types if mediums sometimes involve wowing the senses, but when you take a show display to the next level and think of entertaining rather than just passing out fliers, you are burned into someone's mind.


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