Thursday, October 15, 2009

School May Be Back In

There has been a bit of upheaval in my life. I never thought I would say this, but I am thinking about going back to school. While life moved at a frantic place before, things have changed so radically that I have somewhat of a clean slate.

I was afraid that things have changed so much since I was in college, but actually there are changes that are for the better. While I sort of meandered through classes not sure what I wanted to do back then, I could definitely settle into a career college now, where the focus was job training versus personal enrichment. Of course, learning to learn is wonderful, but at this point in my life I am a bit of a self starter in that department.

At one time I considered looking into trade schools, as I sometimes think I missed out on working with my hands. There could be a career in not just designing or planning a restoration, but actually being the one to do all the major work on it. Once, there was a trade school that just dealt with furniture making. At the time I found out about it, there was just no way I would have been able to follow through.

My cousin graduated with a degree in computer science. I was always very comfortable on the computer, but programming for life didn't interest me. The more I think about it, however, technical schools might not be a bad idea, either. I am self taught on many computer programs, but it is difficult to legitimize my skills to an employer. If I go to some computer training, I may have already learned many of the things I am being taught, but I will have a piece of paper to prove it.

I am not sure yet what I will do in the long run, but for now, the possibilities seem wide open.


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