Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No More Blue Screen of Death

The thing I dislike the most about Windows based computers is the mysterious error messages. Of course, they are only second to the "blue screen of death," but they are a very, very close second.

I recently found out that many of the errors occur because you don't have a clean registry. What exactly does that mean? The Windows registry stores all the configuration. When you get certain error messages, the fix for that was usually uninstalling and reinstalling Windows. It helped the computer function again, but it cluttered up the registry. In my case, I found that for awhile everything worked fine but the timetable between necessary reinstalls became shorter and shorter.

To correct the problem, you need to get ahold of a registry cleaner. You can download a free registry cleaner at Regwork.com. In addition, there are a few articles that you can read on the site that talk about making your computer run faster, or the ins and outs of Run Dll errors for the uninitiated (they appear as Rundll32, etcetera), explained in very simple terms.


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