Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wine Lovers Only Need a Small Space

winerack.jpgWith the right amount of creativity, living in a tiny place is not a symbol of being down on your luck. On the contrary, a small space can be turned into an enviable jewel box. Some of the most wonderful apartments and homes in the city are less than 1,000 square feet in size. The smallest I have seen that was enviable was 400.

One of the best ways to create the look is to have a place for everything. stemware racks are something that can definitely fit the bill. It serves two purposes. The first is strictly utilitarian. The glasses are up and out of the way instead of taking up precious shelf space. You can't exactly stack them.

The second is purely aesthetic. By evoking the look of bar glass racks, you can create an old Hollywood look. You can put them in a nook or shelf area with vintage ashtrays, or metallic picture frames featuring stars of the silver screen era. The glasses can be a part of a vignette, in other words, until you are ready to use them. You can also create the look of a tiny mini bar.

One other idea is to have a small foldable rack, like the one at left.  You can easily have a wine glass rack, wine, and other accessories easily accessible to guests without having it front and center at all times. It also helps you set the stage for a dinner party by bringing it out and perhaps changing the placemats, and adding candles.

Whatever you decide, you don't have to go for broke to optimize your storage space or to have your wine accessories accessible.



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