Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Football + Movies = Peace Throughout The Land

footballwatch.jpgThe football season is creeping closer, and that means that people are debating about what their football watching will entail. Will they watch games on tv when they are on? Will they go to the bar? Will they make sure to make friends with someone who has subscribed to the nfl sunday ticket, or do they purchase it themselves?

I guess it all depends what you are after. Some may balk at the nfl sunday ticket price, myself included. What I didn't realize is that you not only get to watch the 200 games. Well, you really couldn't watch all 200 games in their entirety, as some are on at the same time, or the start times overlap. You know what I meant, though. What you also get is access to a variety of movie channels for a few months while the package is in effect. Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? It actually is true. There are 31 movie channels that come with the package for your viewing enjoyment.

While the football fans in your fan can be spending their evenings and afternoons pouring over the nfl sunday ticket schedule, the rest of the family can be watching a premium movie or show in the next room. Peace occurred throughout the land.


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