Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Your Game On In The UK

Sometimes our British readers feel a little left in the dark when I talk about shopping sites. While you may easily be able to order books and clothing from American and Canadian sites, furniture and other large pieces to create a home restoration are a little impractical. ShopWiki has a UK site as well. Even with clothing, the postage is so much higher that if it is not one of a kind, buying from online shops within your country may be better.

If you are so used to wearing vintage shoes or leather soled shoes, but need something you can kick around in or train in, there is a guide for running shoes to give you some tips on how to get the most out of your foray into brand new footwear.

One tip that most people remember when buying a dress shoe, but forget when buying running shoes is:

Each person has a different type of foot that needs different shape or different stability and there are shoes to fit any runner's needs.

There are folks with high or low arches, as well as those with average arches. I was surprised, but they advised going against cushioned soled for those with flat feet. Someone with a high arch needs that instead. A normal arch is considered ideal for running, and what the average running shoe is optimized for.


Another item that you may want to consider is a pedometer. I have sworn off of pedometers before, but I realized it is because I was always using pedometers that were cheaply made and were given out free at events or as premiums. Today, many high quality pedometers have a GPS system. You can figure out where you are, as well as send your data to your computer. I wonder if it would help people find you also, if you decided to run out into the mountains in a snowstorm against better judgement.

Whatever you decide, ShopWiki helps put all the comparative information at your fingertips.


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