Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save Water and Jobs When You Flush

toilet.jpgConserving water is nothing new. We were always taught to turn the water off while we were brushing our teeth. Also, when the big monster toilet was using too much on a flush, grandpa solved it. He put a brick or a rock in the back of the toilet so it wouldn't fill up so much.

Now, they have more sophisticated solutions. Of course, grandpa is going to say they all just copied his idea, but put a lot of fancy names to it. There is a conversion kit to make yours a dual flush toilet available now. You can retrofit a traditional toilet, rather than taking it to the dump and getting a new one. Of course, the other alternative was making a stylish flower pot out of it.

The other nice thing is that many of the dual flush converter kits are made in Mattawan, Michigan. Michigan has been hardest hit with the auto industry woes. It is nice to see an up and coming company that is maintaining good jobs of all kinds. Every time you buy, you are not just saving water, but you are saving a job.


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