Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drivers Software May Keep Computers Out of Landfills

Websites that supply computer drivers on the internet are proliferating. One of the reasons that I think they are is that people tend to lose their driver disks. When they buy their computer, they neatly tuck them away. In the time that passes, they get misplaced or damaged. When they need to reinstall the modem drivers, they are stuck. In fact, I was told to reinstall drivers as a remedy to a problem, but did not have them.

If you go to the manufacturer and ask for a replacement, they often do not have them. I found that Acer Drivers were not available by disk if they were a few years old. The maker went to the downloadable format, only they didn't make older models available.

Another reason people need drivers is when they inherit a printer form another family member or they purchase one second hand. I had a printer but did not have the Lexmark drivers to make it work with the computer. Of course, since they were not as computer savvy, they tossed the software out. Unfortunately the printer was not "plug and play."

Luckily, I was about to go to and get what I needed. I think sites like this help keep computers out of landfills. Sometimes just new driver software is what is going to make things usable again. If everyone only knew. Of course, it doesn't make them run faster, but it turns them from "I don't know what is wrong with it" and basically junk to a functional item again.


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