Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Compare Online Before You Renovate Your Kitchen

When I am looking for something on the internet that is not so "one of a kind," and is mass produced, I have found that ShopWiki helps me out a lot. It shows items at different shops on the internet. Many other sites do that, but in this case, no site pays for placement. You legitimately get the best deals that are crawled by the search system.

wiki.gifKitchen appliances are a big ticket item, and when there is a price difference, it is not like paying ten cents more for the convenience of going to the store closest to you. On the contrary, there can be a difference of fifty to hundreds and thousands form retailer to retailer. Also, you may find that some retailers have the same maker but carry ovens and dishwashers not available at others. You can use the site to sort everything out before you hit the "buy" button.

Personally, I was looking at Food Processors as many big box retailers no longer carry them. If they do, it is only one model, and how much of a selection is that? I like to make sauces from the garden vegetables and freeze them. Chopping them by hand turns tomatoes into salsa, not pasta sauce. Hand mixers are dandy, but they only beat. I really need a processor.

The easiest item to order online is dinner ware, as it ships very easily. One tip given on the site that I didn't think of is considering the size of your cupboards. I lived in one apartment where I had to stack the dishes sideways on a rack because they didn't fit. Most cabinets can accommodate any style of plate, but mine were unusually small. The other tip is to never go by the color shown on your screen. Most of the time it is close, but your monitor may alter the exact color based on resolution and colors available. Some colors, especially reds, just don't photograph easily.

With a little research, you can find the perfect plates, the blender to whip the food in, and the dishwasher to clean them in.



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