Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't Know a Classmate? Get the Notes Online

When I was in school, my course load was pretty intense. The classes within my major required many, many hours of out of classroom participation. By the time I arrived at my core classes, such as geology or math, I was pretty wiped out. In my major classes, I pretty much knew everyone, but in the basics, I knew not a soul in the sea of desks. It was really hard to compare notes with folks.

There is actually a site now that has course notes for various classes. They are not just generic classes, but classes specific to the college or university you attend. Say you are in a huge statistics class, you can get STAT Lecture Notes from statistics class right online at Coursehero.com. The set up of the website is not to provide plagiarized term papers, but to offer notes and outlines to help you study.

If you have been out of class for awhile, you can look up a STAT Homework Solution. It is sort of like when you were in grade school and the answer key was in the back of your book. This is so you could figure out how to arrive at the answers. Of course, the tests were something the teacher compiled and you wouldn't have a cheat sheet for.

If this was available when I was in college, life would have been less stressful. If my lab time ran over and I couldn't quite make it to the next class, I would have had a way to catch up.


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