Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, Florida? No. Oh, Canada!


The cornerstone of retirement living seems to have the unspoken requirement of moving to Florida. If not, it involves buying a part time residence there, or somewhere else warm to spend the winter in. There are towns there that lose at least one third of their residents in the summer, when retirees return to their home towns. There are retirement communities that have full year residents, but they tend to empty out too.

There are folks from Canada who get in on the trend too, but they can only stay eight months at a time, I believe. The surprising thing that I learned from them is the amount of their friends who are opting to buy retirement homes in Canada instead. It defies logic to some people, as Canada is not perceived as a balmy place. I always say, "It's hot everywhere in the summer," so perhaps it really doesn't matter who you are. However, it is not the hot weather that they are after; it's nature.

I think the best part about establishing retirement residences in Canada is the wildlife and the natural beauty of the lakes and rivers. There are parts of Canada which are wide open, more so than the United States.

At, there are many resources to help you find your single residence, or assisted living facility. Good luck in your search for information, or a place to hang your hat.


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