Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moving Boxes can Save The Day

My collection is in plastic bins and containers in the spare room right now. Just as I was settling in to my temporary digs, I know that I will be moving again within the next six months. Some of the storage solutions they have out there are just not conducive to figuring out where everything is at.

Although not a permanent solution, I have found that just breaking down and buying wardrobe boxes is the solution for me. I can hang clothing and textiles rather than folding them. I also have them perfectly labeled for each closet or room, so I can simply slide the boxes into the closet temporarily or unpack the items very quickly. The boxes may not be archival quality, but you can certainly pack more historical clothing in archival tissue paper inside the boxes if you like.

The last time I had to pack everything up, I went diving in the recycle bin for boxes for moving. That may have been a cheap (free) alternative, but swiping and begging for boxes has a downside. With all sorts of sizes, with no rhyme or reason to them, they are hard to stack. If you buy moving boxes for your most precious items, of uniform shape and size, they will pack in a truck better. Also, if you have to store things that you don't use every single day for awhile, it can be stacked and stored very neatly. Also, you know that the purchased moving boxes are clean.

Check out the website They will attend to all of your packing and storing needs. In fact, there are even frame boxes for your artwork and other specialty items. In other words, the proper boxes are out there for more than just your closet.


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