Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Latest in Fishing Chic

We always knew that the fashion du jour for fishing was always somewhere in the realm of waders and olive drab.  In fact, I don't think fishing attire has changed much, nor has entered the realm of high fashion.   I just learned about this cool accessory for fly fishing.  I am used to seeing baskets that fly fishers use, which inevitably get smelly and slimey and muddy.

There is now a whole new type of stripping basket on the market now that reminds me of a bathroom caddy for fishing. Well, when you are fly fishing or in the rub, you are surrounded by water, aren't you?  

There is a built in area where you can hold your rod, and cones to prevent line tangling.  In addition, it is water resistant, and because there is a bit of give, it is less likely to leak.   I can think of a variety of other things to use this for.  Walking through a meadow and picking random berries off the vine?  Could you use it in the shop for all of the little nuts and bolts you carry when you have to go up the ladder?  To me, an item like this opens all sorts of possibilities come up.

Right now, it is 58.95 in US currency, including VAT. Be the first to have one.


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