Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Toys: Everyone Needs Them

I don't care how old you are. I dare you, no matter how old you are chonologically to not have a soft spot for the favorite toy you once owned as a child when you see it in a picture or see a child playing with one.

With so many toys being not only battery dependent, but having computer chips, it makes me miss seeing old fashioned building blocks. In fact, I think some kids have forgotten about them entirely. I walked into a toy store about a year ago seeking some Silly Putty and the seventeen year old cashier didn't know what I was talking about! That was a very sad day. I swear I was buying it to exercise my hand because of carpal tunnel, not that I wanted to press it onto the newspaper and make stretched pictures of the Sunday Comics.

There are many books written about toys of the Baby Boomer generation, or the generation that slightly preceded them, such as hula hoops.

The book is yet to be written on toys that Generation X played with. I imagine those of my age will be sitting in their rocking chairs and telling their grand kids about fond memories of Lite Brites, and coming down the Slip N Slide without too many bruises or grass stains. Of course, we would say "In my day, they used to make Slip N Slides with metal shin scraping anchor spikes. You kids have it too easy."

No matter if you are a dude or a gal, a kid or an adult; toys help us not to take things too seriously!


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