Friday, February 27, 2009

RV Parks that Remind you of Childhood

Some of the greatest vacations I have taken were behind the wheel in an RV.  Actually, if I was being truthful, in my RV years, I was more likely laying up in the bunk hammering the adults with another round of:  "Are we there yet?"

If you are looking for NC RV parks, there are many options.  You can surely look up "rv park north carolina" in your handy travel guide. There are probably lists and lists of every type of accommodation imaginable.  However, you may want to consider planning ahead and checking the internet.   Travel books are good as guides, but often they do not have up to the minute information.

Sycamore Lodge RV resort (rv park NC) is not just a typical RV park where you pull in, hook up, and then can't wait to go on to your next destination.  On the contrary, the property has many amenties, and not to mention, beautiful scenery.  In fact, many people stop to take family pictures.   There are paddleboats, a playground, and many opportunities for viewing local flora and fauna as well.  Stay for a few days.  It is a vacation in and of itself!


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