Monday, January 05, 2009

Price Shopping? Competition is at Your Finger Tips

I used to mourn Google's decision to discontinue Froogle, the shopping search engine.  In the last year, however, I have found that is a better alternative for comparison shopping on the web.  For each category, it features buying guides, as well as the typical price comparisons on items that you would expect.  

A little known secret is that many shopping guides only include shops that have paid for placement.  On the contrary, crawls the entire web.   

A highly competitive sales category for retailers is  women's clothing.  The guide for the category includes such subjects as building a wardrobe, following trends in the magazines, and eco fashion which is a hot and building category.  Anna Cohen is one designer/clothing company that uses organic cotton in a highly fashionable way. 

I just learned today from the ShopWiki guide that only 14% of clothing is recycled This includes both repurposing old clothes (reusing materials) and donating them so someone else can wear them.  I thought that number would be much higher. That is a big eye opener for me!  


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