Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Open Your Door the SciFi Way

If you are like me, you wish you either have made about forty copies of your house key because you are always misplacing them somewhere in the house. You aren't worried that someone else has snagged them, because you always find them in the pocket of an overcoat you have not worn in awhile or between the nightstand and the dresser.

My line of defense used to be to hide the key somewhere outside, but everyone pretty much can figure out where one hides them. However, there was one time that I decided to bury a key in the shrubbery. I guess a lot of time went by before I looked for it because I dug an awful lot of little holes to find it. The woodchip I used as a marker got a little shifted around or looked just like every other wood chip.    Oh, and a "Hide a Key" doesn't work because they look way too obvious.

What if you could get a keyless lock for your house or office rather than just your car?   That might be fine, but what if I forget the password?   More so, what if I pick something that is easy to guess?  I guess my phone number is out.   There now is a keyless lock that opens with an authorized finger print.  They already do that on scifi shows, what about at home?  There would just be no way someone could accidentally come in to your home through the door.  Also, if someone had arthritis and couldn't fumble with a key would have an easier time.

I forgot.  Sometimes in those futuristic shows, someone gets into the house by dragging an unconscious person to the door and pressing their finger against it.   That is a bummer.  Also, you can't stall because you don't have the key.  There is no way to lie to buy you time.  However, maybe there is a security feature where if you press your finger in a certain way that it will act like it doesn't recognize you and call the cops or security company automatically.  I don't know.     Maybe the keyless lock won't be so obvious so everyone would think you have a regular lock.

I remember back in the day when one of the old houses we lived in had not just deadbolts but locks that locked with a key from the inside.   It may have seemed like a good idea but what if you lost the key or there was a fire?  You would be trapped in the house.   This at least is a good solution to that, not that the old way is up to code anymore.


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