Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Healthy Whey

There are people that no matter how much they eat, they just can't gain weight.  I am not talking about muscleheads who want to get extra huge, but people who are very underweight and it is unhealthy for them.  These folks don't have an emotional eating disorder.  Their metabolism is just too high or they aren't absorbing the food.

The alternative for some people is to bulk up on junk food, but that only creates health problems. When no medical reason or illness can be found for their issue, sometimes people turn to whey protein. It helps insure that the basic building blocks are there and that the person will gain healthy weight.  When I found out about whey protein, I thought of the nursery rhyme and wondered where curds and whey were sold.  Actually, whey is available in powder form and is a popular ingredient in protein shakes.

Joe Dillon has an audio tape series that talks about whey protein isolate, and creating optimum health.  He also talks about setting goals for your health, exercise, and lifestyle.  It is something that you can listen to in the car to get motivated.  If you are new to trying the ingredient or just want a healthier life, it may be something to look into.


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