Friday, October 24, 2008

A Delicate Subject for Men

I have a delicate subject to address.   The holidays are coming, and often a man wants to buy his wife something very personal for Christmas but he is just a bit embarrassed about the process.   I am, of course, talking about buying lingerie. There is the whole idea of asking for assistance in the store, guessing sizes and the like. It would be embarrassing to be way off in one's guess.

Luckily there is help. Nowadays one can buy things that are a bit more on the sexy lingerie scale of things then, say a flannel robe, from the comfort of your own computer and not be befuddled by a sales clerk.

If you still can't figure out her size, why not go to a lingerie site and look at formfitting clubwear or sexy costumes for Halloween on it that would also run true to lingerie sizes to get her to reveal just exactly what she would be.  Even if you have a good guess, you don't want to be wrong.  

When all else fails and you don't feel you are daring enough, lots of women woud be thrilled with a new pair of shoes. A pair of well balanced and classy high heels that she can wear out to an occasion.  You will be able to sidestep the whole issue and buy something she can get years of use out of.


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